Business Overview

Imagine anything.! YES LIVE

YES LIVE Co., Ltd. conducts a video platform business with YTE & M Co., Ltd., which specializes in broadcasting programs and concerts with live broadcasting, performance tickets, live shopping malls, moving toys, and virtual currency exchanges as its main businesses

  • One person Live broadcasting

    1. It is a real-time personal broadcasting platform that can carry out mobile broadcasting as a mobile broadcasting application (app) and broadcasting on mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs) without requiring video equipment, extra cost and technology
    2. This is a live streaming service platform where individual broadcasters (casters) and viewers (users) can communicate with each other in real time through chatting

    Live Broadcasting

  • Live Commerce

    1. It is an online channel that sells products through real-time video streaming, and it is actively used as an untact economy that pursues non-face-to-face contact emerges. In particular, Yes Live increases consumer confidence by using it directly by artists such as singers, unlike other live commerce.

    Live Commerce

  • Live Streaming Concert

    1. It is a service platform that provides live streaming concerts and fan meetings with K-POP, K-Drama, and K-Movie stars, and regular showcases for new artists so that Hallyu culture can play the main role of the global pop culture industry.

    Live Streaming Concert

  • Moving Toon

    1. The domestic webtoon industry is recognized worldwide. It is a combination of "web," which means the Internet, and "cartoon," which means cartoon, and refers to an Internet cartoon produced using various multimedia effects.
    2. Instead of just scanning comic books and publishing them as they are, the moving-toon industry will lead the new webtoon market as an extension of video animation using video, voice dubbing, and flash techniques.

    Moving Toon

  • Global Ticket

    1. We develop and build a global ticket reservation system that can solve high ticket reservation fees and post-performance settlement problems of overseas ticket reservation sites during K-POP overseas concerts to build a solution to reduce the cost of performance agencies

    Global Ticket

  • Digital Currency Exchange

    1. To help buy and sell cryptocurrency directly, it functionally connects the person who has cryptocurrency with the person who wants to buy it.
    2. The FX5 exchange opened virtual accounts of 12 commercial banks for the first time in Korea, increasing reliability to traders, and allowing KRW withdrawals to be transferred to real-name accounts. It has a security system that is required by the "Specific Financial Information Act" enacted by the government

    Digital Currency Exchange

  • Rental Business

    1. The Internet Data Center is carrying out support projects related to video production, including hosting rental business of sub with 8,000TB of storage space, renting broadcasting centers for one-person personal broadcasting, and renting shopping mall production systems

    Rental Business